Friday, 25 March 2011

The government want a photo of my toilet, and my girlfriend needs a new cushion!

It's true! They do!

If you've read the post 'Mai Dai!' you'll be aware of just how bureaucracy in Thailand can chuck spanners around like they're going out of fashion.

I've been involved in a house purchase in France, and I thought they liked 'hoop jumping' as a spectator sport until, that is, I ventured into dealings with the Thai government!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Good luck ceremony

This post was started months ago, I just noticed it, unfinished, in the archive and have now sorted it out. Hope you enjoy!

I woke up one morning to find that the family had not gone to the farm as they usually do. I should have realised because the tractor...

                              hadn't woken me up at 5am!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mai Dai!! ไม่ได้!! (Thai language and dealings with government employees)

If you have been in, or visited Thailand for any length of time and have a grasp of even a smattering of the language, I guarantee you have heard this phrase many times!

Friday, 18 March 2011

A long year...

2010 was, for me, a very long year. I have neglected my blog. It was, in the first instance, mainly as a record for myself. I've looked back at my life and wished I'd kept some kind of record of it. So this time, when something interesting (at least to me!) is happening, I decided to record it for posterity.

It seems as though at least a couple of people 'out there' in the world have appreciated my writings, so I've had harsh words with myself and here I am, writing again.

I will try to make it more regular, as it tends to sooth my soul somewhat. Not that I currently have an un-soothed soul or anything, it's just that...well, you know, it's good to get things 'out there'. I always enjoy reading other people's ramblings so I feel I should contribute some of my own on a more regular basis.