Family day out

I'd seen pictures of the 'White Temple' Wat Long Khun on the internet and since I was in the area, well about 75Km away, I decided I wanted to go and see it. I also wanted to take the family somewhere and show my appreciation for the hard work they'd put in building the new rooms for us and how welcoming they'd been

I was aware that when heading out for a day trip in Thailand, especially when you're the one with the money, you can expect a) lots of people to turn up for the trip and b) to pay for everything. I was ok with that, all we needed to do was rent a vehicle.

If we went in the family tractor...

It would take about a month to get there!

We looked around Chiang Saen but to no avail, there were people who would gladly rent us a car but it was too small and came with a driver.

Not to worry, firstly, Chiang Saen isn't really set up to cater for lot's of resident visitors  like Koh Samui or Phuket is, I think it's a beautiful little town and there are plenty of visitors but they tend to whoosh through on a coach trip to the golden triangle up the road or stop off for a few days on the way somewhere else. There are a few guest houses and hotels but I suppose they arrange tours and hire the odd motor scooter. So there just isn't the demand for a car rental service.

Anyway I didn't let it get to me, I realise that even if you think nothing's happening and no-one is doing anything about what you may perceive to be a problem, the word is out and if someone can help they'll rock up sooner or later with what they regard as a solution.

The western world way of 'doing something about it' being 'pro-active' or complaining just doesn't work. You end up all worked up over nothing and get odd 'farang ba' looks from everyone, so just chill... in a small village like ours (Ban Sob Kham) everyone knows what you're doing or what you want... 'mai kid mak mak'   'not think too much'

Finally, after about two or three days, the local grapevine came up with this...

A nice lady from the same soi would rent me this for Bt800 a day (about£16) and I could drive it myself. Wicked, I don't like being driven about, I like to think that, given the fact that can drive in London, I can drive anywhere, I've driven in France(including Paris), Spain, Italy, Germany, New Zealand and in Thailand once before when me and Bow went to Phuket together in September 2009/2552 so I was looking forward to this trip.

Now, as I said before I did realise that it was unlikely that myself, Bow and the two girls Noinaa and Dadam would be travelling as a small family unit  but I had to smile as what appeared to be the whole street turned up, not to wave us off but to jump in the back and come with us!

Everyone piles in and off we go!

I did say it was bout 75km didn't I?  Well, 75km on single carriageway Thai country roads with 5 in the front and 9 in the back of an old pick up truck can take quite a while!  Especially with an English driver with limited Thai language skills, one person who knows where we're going passing directions to Bow who then passes them on to me.... let's just say there were a few u-turns! Oh, and another thing you need to be prepared for when travelling with Thai people...... plenty of stops for food!

This stop was 5km from the house!

See the next post 'Wat Long Khun' for the photos of the amazing white temple.