Wat Long Khun...The White Temple

This post follows on from 'Family day out'

I quite like Thai pop music, this was only my third visit to the Kingdom so it still has the freshness of difference about it. Also not understanding much of it probably helps. Just as well really as the mp3 set-up in the truck seemed to go round in a loop every thirty minutes or so and, had it been UK pop would have been sent flying into the red-dust along one of the many highway construction sites we had to negotiate on our journey from Chiang Saen to Wat Long Khun, 13km or so away from Chaing Rai City.

I was enjoying the drive, we didn't hit much above 50 or 60 kph, an old pick-up with 14 people in it won't really eat up the road. The mountains of Chiang Rai province never seem to be that far away, looming beautifully on the horizon the way that mountains do. I was quite happy, the directions filtered through to me 'Saai' (left) 'Kwaa' (right) something mixed with laughter which turned out to be the, apparently, universal travellers conversation... ' no not that left, the other left' 'oh, you mean right?' 'yes!'

about two and a half hours after we set off we pulled into the car park of Wat Long Khun, it was a sunny Saturday morning and quite a lot of other people had had the same idea as us.

I smiled at the open-mouthed stares you will get if you are 'farang' and you climb out of the driving seat of a pick-up full of Thai people. The smiles are nearly always returned.

Here are some photos we took at this stunning temple. Apparently, it is meant to be viewed in the moonlight as the white surfaces have reflective glass pieces embedded in them. Sadly, given the logistics involved, it was not possible on this occasion to see what must be a truly beautiful sight, these buildings glowing in the night.