Sunday, 20 March 2011

Good luck ceremony

This post was started months ago, I just noticed it, unfinished, in the archive and have now sorted it out. Hope you enjoy!

I woke up one morning to find that the family had not gone to the farm as they usually do. I should have realised because the tractor...

                              hadn't woken me up at 5am!

Along with the usual early morning sounds of dogs and chickens, there was a bustle of activity around the front steps of the house. Pi Suk had made a fire and there was a big pot and a pigs head.

"What's all this about?" I enquired.
"Today we go somewhere, everybody together. Good luck for you and me"
Was the reply.
With the pig's head suitably boiled, other ingredients added, the ever-present 'Lao Khao' acquired and a considerable crowd had gathered, we all bundled in the 'tractor' and headed off to a small shrine up the road.

Some preparation, flowers and statues arranged
Then the chanting beginsApparently, this is all to wish good luck for the future for me and my girlfriend. I found it all very touching to be honest. A nice gesture and it made me realise that these people spend most of their time caring for either themselves and their families, or others. Contrary to some widely held, or at least, widely posted (on various internet forums) views about Thai people's regard for 'farang'

 It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot. Lovely surroundings. You may have noticed when travelling in Thailand, there are certain spots where the local people, when driving past, give a little 'beep' on their horns. This is, I believe, kind of like a 'substitute wai' of respect for the honoured place, be it a Wat or a statue or a shrine of some sort.

We were given a bowl containing flowers and things of our's like rings and other small personal effects.

This makes all the blessings and good wishes from everyone personal to us, apparently.

Thanks for visiting my blog again.

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